How do I sign-up for ECHO?

All registration will be done by mail. The application packet will be available online toward the end of July. Simply click on the link to download the forms and follow the instructions.

Can I enroll in ECHO if I’m enrolled in an ALE program?

Yes. Please understand that ECHO’s mission is to access resources and events not usually obtainable as individual families. Families that are participating in ALE programs (public school programs such as CVA, MCP, Three Rivers Home-Link, K12, etc.) have more resources and events available to them, especially with the funding they provide. Because of this, ECHO gives priority first to returning and new families NOT participating in these programs. This is the group for whom ECHO was originally created to serve.

How much does it cost?

Each family pays a yearly Non-Refundable Registration fee of $45. This fee helps cover our insurance, church lease, and other administrative needs. Tuition rates vary based on enrollment, number of class offerings, and overhead. This year, tuition for a full-time student (4 classes) is $160. Preschool is the same rate as full tuition. Part-time tuition is $45 per class, contingent on class availability. In addition, classes have an added materials fee. This varies between classes depending on the costs incurred in materials and supplies for that class. If a class has an extra cost associated with it, then it will be clearly stated as “materials fee” at the top of the class description.

Do you offer a discount for more than one child?


When does ECHO start and end?

ECHO usually starts the 1st Friday in October and ends the last Friday in March (see current calendar).

Do we have to agree with ECHO’s Statement of Faith?

Yes. We ask families to sign a Statement of Faith Acknowledgment, stating that they agree to ECHO’s Statement of Faith and understand that these standards will be upheld and taught at ECHO. The ECHO board reserves the right to deny enrollment to any family whose beliefs vary from the statement of faith.

What classes are available?

See our current class descriptions.

Can I switch classes after enrollment?

See our current calendar for the last day to switch classes without a fee. After this date plans are in place for students to be present in enrolled classes – rosters printed, name tags printed, teachers are given rosters and planning for their students. Because of this, a class switch after this date will be assessed a $45 class switch fee (same as partial enrollment for one class), materials fee (if any) will not be refunded, plus materials fee (if any) for the new class will be due.

Do I have to attend the Parent Meeting in September?

Yes. At least one parent (preferably the one who will be aiding in classes) must attend the meeting or enrollment may be forfeited. In addition, teens are welcome and encouraged to attend.

I have someplace I need to be Friday mornings, can I drop my child off early?

No. Please remember that ECHO is not a drop-off for your children. We begin our day with prayer and announcements in the sanctuary at 9:20 AM. You must remain on the premises until children are dismissed to class at 9:25 AM. We would encourage you to fellowship with other parents and appreciate your willingness to participate in each ECHO day.

What ages of children can participate in ECHO?

We offer preschool for 3 & 4 year olds. Multiple classes are available for 5 & 6 year olds, 7-9 year olds, 10-12 year olds and ages 13 & up.

I want to enroll my child in preschool, what are the requirements?

Preschool is open to 3 and 4 year olds. For a child to enroll in preschool he/she must be at least 3 years old by October 1st AND fully potty trained. Preschool spans the ECHO day (i.e. there are no class changes for preschool students) 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Snacks are served during class.

Is there a nursery available for my younger children on my aiding days?

Yes. We offer a nursery for your own children 4 and under on days when you are scheduled to aide at ECHO. Remember, this is only for the days you aide. It is not available for dropping your child off and leaving. No day-care children, please.

I have a child 5 years old or older not enrolled in ECHO, can they come to ECHO on my work days?

No. You must arrange for childcare elsewhere for your children, 5 and older, that are not enrolled in ECHO.

Can I bring a visitor to ECHO?

No. However a board exception may be authorized in specific cases where the adult visitor is substantially contributing to the class.

Do you have ECHO in inclement weather?

On extreme weather days, please watch for an email or check our website under the ‘Latest News’ tab for closure information. You can also listen to the local radio station (KONA, 610AM). The ECHO Board will make the decision and will call in only if ECHO is canceled for the day. We will be referred to as the “ECHO Homeschool Co-op”.

Do you offer school pictures?

Yes. A local photographer will be taking our Fall pictures. They are standard school photos taken in October and will be available for purchase.

Do you offer a yearbook?